Flex Flexible Data Rates

Unlike traditional connections that allocate smaller upload speeds,

you can customize your Govital connection as needed.

If you use many cloud services or host servers at your site,

take advantage of our higher upload speeds.

Static Static IP Addresses

All plans come with one static public IP address.

This simplifies secure VPN connections to your premise.

Additional static IP subnets are also available,

5-host subnet: $25; 13-host subnet: $70 per month

Cloud Free Cloud Storage

50 gigabytes of could storage is provided at no additional cost.

Easily share large files with others or use it for backups.

See our Cloud Page for additional data services that we can provide.

Router Managed Router Included

We can provide managed router services with your plan.

Use with Internet carrier diversity for always-up service.

3 VPN user accounts at no addtional charge.

Visit the Managed Connections page for more details.

Contracts No Long Contracts

New customers sign with a one-year term.

60 days notice of cancellation is required after the initial term.

Installation cost vary by physical location.

Contact us for a site visit and estimate.

The Govital Differences

  • Customizable Data Rates (Connection Shape)
  • Static IP Address INCLUDED
  • Govital Network Security INCLUDED (Read More…)
  • Free Cloud Storage (coming soon)
  • Managed Router available
  • Internal Multiple Wireless Access Point available
  • No-Contract Agreement available

Shape Your Connection

  • Download
  • Upload

Business 20

(up to) 20 Mbps total
A 15/5 split offers 8x upload speed than DSL

Business 30

(up to) 30 Mbps total

Business 40

(up to) 40 Mbps total

Business 50

(up to) 50 Mbps total


All prices and speeds depend on physical location and where facilities exist.
If you have already verified availability with us, you can order on-line.

Coverage Areas

  • Downtown Windsor
  • Central Windsor
    (Ouellette/Tecumseh, Crawford Avenue, South Cameron Blvd)
  • Rhodes Drive Industrial/Commercial Park
  • Area south of Windsor Airport
  • Oldcastle Industrial Park
  • Patillo Road & Highway 22 Area

Please call us or fill out the form to arrange for a site survey to check availability.

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