Let the experienced experts at Govital handle your router setup, maintenance and monitoring. For a low monthly fee we will supply you with a router and configure it to your specific needs. The table below summarizes the many features that we can provide to ensure your Internet connection, from any provider, is smooth and trouble-free.

The basic router supports an Internet connection and four connected devices.

Default services include:

  • DHCP for assigning addresses to devices, either dynamic or static or both
  • NAT for hiding your internet network addresses from the Internet
  • Basic firewall rules to allow or deny specific traffic in or out of your location
  • Network monitoring of usage, traffic and status

With the supplied router, or with additional routers to repeat the signals as needed we can setup your internal Wi-Fi network to provide security from your guests. A separate guest network will be established to separate traffic from your public Wi-Fi network and your internal network.  A secure, password-protected Wi-Fi network for internal use can be setup if required.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) can establish a secure network channel between computers at your organization and off-site computers. These “data tunnels” allow you to access resources as if they were on the local network, and all traffic is encrypted to prevent snooping.

A client to router VPN can be used to connect one off site computer to the office network.

A router to router VPN can be used to connect two networks at separate locations together as one.

Custom Services Also Available

We can also design and install custom solutions for your specific needs.

  • Point to point radio networks
  • Multiple wireless access points with roaming
  • Dynamic Firewall Rules to prevent brute force attacks and secure essential services

Just call or send email to sales@govital.net with your requirements to get a custom quote if needed.