Your Internet Solutions Provider

The team at Govital have decades of experience to implement efficient solutions to your I.T. needs.

High Speed Connections

High upstream bandwidth for your cloud-based applications, on-site servers or security cameras. Links provided with microwave radios and available in commercial areas in and around Windsor, Ontario.

Router Management

Professional setup and monitoring of your existing Internet connection for optimal performance and security. Separate guest networks and secure data tunnels can be setup for you.

On-Site Installations

We can install network cables, routers, switches, printers, cameras and other network-connected devices on your premise.

E-Mail and Web

Store your email and Websites in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. We provide state-of-the art Web hosting tools and assistance with account setup.

File Sync and Share

Local servers provide separated cloud services for your organization. Share data, photos, and calendars using open data formats.

Offsite Data Backup and VPS

Keep a copy of your critical data on local servers. Virtual Private Server (VPS) can provide a production-level service or redundant server at an affordable rate.

Custom Web Development

Whether you need a simple Website or a customized application like a conference registration system, our designers and programmers can setup a  solution for you.

E-Commerce Solutions

If you need a customized workflow or billing system, let us put our years of experience to work for you. We can craft a custom solution using modern tools.

IT Support

If you have a special project and need some expertise, we can provide a per-hour rate or fixed-price contract for any of your Information and Communication Technology needs.